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Laboratory Analysis

To define the composition and precious metal content of our customer's materials, TMC's laboratory performs intricate processes that include at least 20 steps based on a variety of variables, utilizing up to date metallurgic assay practices as well as precision instruments.

TMC Major Lab Equipments:
1.  ICP-Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer
2.  Flamed AA - Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
3.  Electrolyze
4.  Automatic Potentiometric Titrator
5.  Handheld XRF Analyzer : X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer
6.  Scanning Electron Microscope
7.  Others...

TMC Analysis Elements : 
Au.  Ag.  Pd.  Pt.  Rh.  Cu.  Ni.  Fe.  Sn.  Pb.  Al.  Zn.  Ti.  Ta.  In.  Ru.  Cr.  Cd.  Y.  Bi.  Sb.  Co.  Re…
Loss on ignition, Loss on drying.