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Recycling Items
Recycling Items
1. IC scraps, electronic scraps, e-waste, PCB, FPC, cell phones, spent catalyst
2. Waste solutions with gold, silver, palladium, and platinum
3. Silver paste, wipe, solar cells, resistors, capacitors, parts plated with silver, silver powder
4. Jewelry with gold, silver, and platinum
Wafer scrap
‧Reject Wafer ‧Silicon Chip ‧Chip on Blue Tape...
PCB scrap
‧PC Board ‧FPC ‧BGA Substrate...
IC scrap
‧Reject IC ‧BGA IC ‧Lead Frame ‧Clips...
‧Petroleum Catalyst ‧Chemical Catalyst
‧Automobile Catalyst ‧Bushing Scraps...